Module 2 - Roadmap


What are passions & why do we need a roadmap?


Fill in the workbook as you watch the videos


Top tips for passion hunting


10 Sherlock questions for uncovering your passion


A million zigs and a thousand zags to finding my passion


In the video above I mention that I studied coaching at IIN (The Institute of Integrative Nutrition) - if it piques your curiosity (for a potential career or just for your own health and wellness), you can sign up for a free sample class here. I am an affiliate for IIN as their program radically shifted my life (both my personal life, health, and my business - there would be no Project Self without IIN!), for which I am forever grateful and can't recommend them enough!


Things that can trip us up along the road


Objectives Checklist


Read & watch the module resources
(If you're pressed for time, come back to these at the end of the NYVP program)

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